Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thoughts Behind the Scene of a Natrualista...: Do you have a hair schedule? or a styling schedule?

Thoughts Behind the Scene of a Natrualista...: Do you have a hair schedule? or a styling schedule?

Do you have a hair schedule? or a styling schedule?

Yes I said a hair/styling schedule! Here in the Natural Hair Community (NHC) we often speak about regimens and products which are very important, however, what about the schedule of events? For many of us in the NHC, we are still learning. I am 5 months post BC and having good and dare I say great hair days are becoming more frequent for me. But I don't just happen upon these good hair days, there is a lot of work put into it! But this lead me to thinking about schedules and when to do what! I am beginning to feel that I am falling into a rut; Monday-Friday I am doing good or or sometimes ok and on the weekends (when most of the fun happens) I am busy with my regimen and I may miss out on the fun or go in a bun (because wash day has been postponed)... so I need a better schedule. Here is my tentative schedule, I will work it and see how or if it works for me. Friday night: Finger detangle, pre-poo, wash and deep condish detangle.and style (for weekend) Saturday: wear out or braided, oil scalp, pineapple, Sunday: Remoisturize, rebraid if needed. Monday: pineapple Tuesday: pineapple Wednesday: Remoisturize, rebraid if needed, oil scalp Thursday: wear braids or out, and pineapple Friday: wear out and start all over again So, what's your schedule?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What i have learned from CT, my during my month of protective styling

Hey Guys,
First hello and welcome to all of my new readers. I hope that you find ideas, encouragement, and peace in my blog. Thank you for subscribing and I look forward to hearing from you directly.

OK!, after nearly (3 days away) completing a month...4 full weeks...480 hours of protective styling, Curly Top aka CT has taught me quite a few things. I thought you could learn from my craziness so that you don’t make the same mistakes...

Here is what I've learned:
1. My hair is beautiful in all of its states...nappy, stretched, curly, braided and even when it is being an ass it is still beautiful because it is naturally growing out of the body God gave me stewardship over.
2. Every style or product is not for everyone. As a recovering PJ, I like to try whatever is the latest craze in the NHC however with my twists I understand like I have never understood this before...
3. Yes I could pay someone to do my hair but they wouldn’t take of it as I would...and I wouldn't have the same satisfaction that I have knowing that I look damn good and I rock because I care for and style my on tresses!
4. I could stretch the time between my wash days if I:
A. Use hair treatments such as hot oil treatment, protein packs etc
B. Wash with a GOOD Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
C. Remoisturize my hair and scalp in between wash days with coconut oil
5. Water is the best moisturizer BUT not in your roots when you are trying to stretch a hair do!
6. I really want to dred my hair!

I hope this helps!

Monday, February 6, 2012

mini twists update take 2

Hey Guys, as you can see in my last post I have been mini twisting my hair. This is the second time I have mini twisted CT (read this post to meet CT) and it has gone much smoother than the first time. I am still working on stretching the length of time between wash days which is 7 days MAX!

So having braids in with. a maximum of 7 days between wash days is challenging. Luckily YouTube has great people like Naptural85 to show how to mini twists and others like luvbeinnatural that show how to refresh them...a special shoutout to YouTubers who pass on great knowledge, Thank you!!

So here is what I did differently:
1. I pre-pooed before twisting last time with condish, this time with oil only and sealed in moisture after washing and conditioning
2. I twisted on semi dry hair with NO PRODUCT this time...last time I used product which made it harder to grip and easier to slide my hands down the twist prematurely.
3. I oiled my scalp every couple of days and some days didn't put water on my hair last time...this time I spray water nightly and oil sporadically every night concentrating on different areas.
4. I followed Naptural85's advice for washing my mini twists and maintaining them at night (although I did need to scrub so I started off using her technique then finished using my own which really helped.)
5. I styled using luvbeinnatural's technique or bantu knotting to make really curly
6. Lastly I added more accessories to have fun

I hope my failures, challenges and even triumphs help you on your journey!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stylings of my Curly Top!

Hey Guys, So I have been protective styling in between deciding to wear my hair out so here are some pictures!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

New wash day routines & product introduction..

Hey all, my wash day routine hadn't felt like a nourishing time for my hair since I bc'd. So I came to the realization that my hair is no longer in the state it was when I began this journey, not when I bought these products and certainly not when I transitioned for 18months. So its time to re-evaluate my staple products and my routines so that I can see the results that I am looking for.

So, let's talk products... After I bc'ed, I began looking for all natural products because I am officially all natural. I kept hearing about Trader Joes having great all natural shampoos and conditioners and they are well respected and used in the NHC, so I wanted to try them...(product review coming soon). So here is the list of products that I am using currently.

Shampoo: Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo by Trader Joes
Condish: Balanced Moisturizing Nourish Spa by Trader Joes
Leave in condish: Olive Miracle by African Pride (found @ Walmart) **newest product**
Scalp: Olive oil formula Gro Therapy by Palmer (found @ Target)
SN: Because I am a recovering PJ, all of these items were introduced over time. I did not buy all new products and throw everything out in one day. My shampoo and condish I have been using for over a month, my grease I have been using sing I was transitioning but my leave in is very new...again, look for product reviews on all these items very soon.

Now, let's talk routines...
New routine: pre-poo...yes, pre-poo. Usually I detangle prior to washing my hair or wash, deep condish and style. But I washed my hair and rocked a wash-n-go for a couple days and ky hair felt crunchy and if you don't know, crunchy is not a good thing! So after watching YouTube vids on how to do it, I decided to pre-poo my hair, with an old staple product...Cantu Shea Butter leave in condish...(recycling products...I will also do a new product review on my new way of using it...)

Here is what I did:
I section my hair into 4 sections. For each section I finger detangled GENTLY, applied EVOO to mail the ends (my crunchiest area (is that even a word LOL) using the "folding hands method". Then I applied the Cantu condish, lightly detangled my hair - mostly the ends, applied a bit more Cantu to my ends and twisted that section. When all 4 sections we done, I wore a plastic cap on my head for 2 hours. I let my hair down and washed and. conditioned as usual. To style I used my Olive Miracle to twist my hair...stay tuned for pictures.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Challenge has officially begun...

In my last post I issued a challenge to not only myself but to my readers as well to join me in the Curly Chic Challenge where for the next 3 months we will co-wash, curl and care food out curly hair. So here is some background information...

In the weeks that I have been 100% Au'Naturale, I have worn only a selected few hair styles which were wash n gos, buns, and twistouts. When I was transitioning, I feel like I was taking more risks with hair dos and was always changing it up...well now that I have bc'd, I feel that I am being very "safe" with my hair do selections. So I wouls like to challenge myself and others that may be feeling the same way as I do to think and create hair dos that force you outside of the box... So here is what I did... my expected routine for this challenge changed a bit so I will explain what I did and why it is important for my natural hair that I do this...

Shampooed: with an organic Tea Tree shampoo. This cleans my hair and scalp, I mean realllllly cleans it without stripping away the essential oils that are needed by my hair. It stops my scalp from itching and the minty smell is very invigorating...I love it! However, for this challenge I am shampooing every 3 wash days...I will Co-wash on the other 2 wash days.

Co-wash: with an organic moisture rich condish. My hair gets really dry so cowashing is the best thing for my hair...

Deep condish: with Pantene Relaxed and Natural condish. The same reason, my hair dries out on me and my natural curl pattern doesn't seem as excited to curl anymore and that's when I know I need to deep condish. Now for this challenge I will deep condish every other wash day. I am not sure how often I will need a wash day but when it comes I will deep condish. Also before I wash out the deep conditioner, I will apply a palm full of regular conditioner to help reactive the conditioner that has been sitting on my hair and scalp for hours.

Detangle with deep condish in my hair: with my wide tooth comb and then twist hair into 10-15 twist before rinsing conditioner out. This makes it easier to Detangle and prevents my hair from getting tangled during the rinse cycle.

Apply a leave in conditioner: I use Cantu Shea butter. It helps with styling and frizz.

Lock in moisture with oil: I use EVOO. It shines and softens my hair.

Remoisturize my ends: I use Root Stimulators Coconut Oil...only because I could not find the organic coconut oil. This shines and smoothes out the ends of my hair but it is very heavy so I always go light when using this product.

So now you have the information you need to get started. Today is the first day of my challenge and I did not do a length check...dang it! I have already styled my hair (look for pics soon). Make sure you leave comments and let me know if you are joining.

Be Happy to Be CURLY!